Advance Report – 2010

This has been another great year as we worked together writing, reading, rewriting, and coming up with a final draft for several sections of the Faith & Practice. We have met ten times during the year. Because we needed to cancel both the Second Month and Third Month meetings, we added in an extra meeting in June so that we could finish writing in time to get the new draft to the printer and delivered to Frostburg State University in time for Annual Session.

Who would have thought at the beginning of our year in Ninth Month that we would have a momentous occasion: two of our members become engaged! Wonderful things happen when you worship, share, write, and be open to the spirit together. We truly listen to what each is saying. We begin each meeting with a half-hour of worship, which helps us all.
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Visioning Report

The Faith and Practice Revision committee consists of at least six persons and not more than ten, nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting. These persons are appointed when the Interim or Yearly Meeting minute the need for revision. Because the Committee needs to know one another well enough to work together throughout the rewriting, the members of the Committee shall continue on the Committee until the committee’s work is done, or they resign. When no revisions are before the Committee and the Committee has completed all its responsibilities, the Yearly Meeting releases these persons from their appointment to this Committee.

The Committee receives proposed changes and develops new text where needed. They circulate proposed revisions to all the Monthly meetings and worship groups in Baltimore Yearly Meeting.

The above is what the Faith & Practice Revision Committee has been trying to have the Manual of Procedure Committee change. This corresponds to what we actually do. The current description in the Manual of Procedure was written a few years after the 1988 version was done and small changes were expected from time to time. Although some people say we are rewriting, not revising, the dictionary does not differentiate between the two words. In order to revise, one needs to rewrite and in order to rewrite one needs to revise.
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Interchange – Fall 2009

Draft Faith & Practice 2009 Available

The 2009 draft version of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, which is under continuing revision, is now available. For $5 plus $2.38 shipping per copy, this is the bargain of the year!

Some of the suggested changes previously sent in by individuals and Meetings have been incorporated and others will appear in the next version. Everyone is encouraged to read, ponder, consider, and reread this draft, for how the material pertains to you and how it pertains to your Monthly Meeting or the Yearly Meeting as a whole. The Faith & Practice Revision Committee wants input from small groups as well as the Meeting as a whole. The more suggestions and corrections we have now, the easier it will be to approve the final draft. That will come in three to five years from now, we hope!

To order your copy of this 2009 draft Faith & Practice of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, send your name, mailing address, email and/or phone number to Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 17100 Quaker Lane, Sandy Spring, MD 20860 with a check for $7.38 made out to Baltimore Yearly Meeting. You will be glad you did! If you want to pick up a copy at the Yearly Meeting office, that will be fine. Copies will be available at Interim Meeting at Goose Creek Meeting on October 17. For any questions, contact Sheila Bach at

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